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Purge the Alien
Оценка: 5.00 - Голоса: 1
Разместил: h00p7, 20.08.2009
Представления: 1100

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The contest is from Miniwargaming: http://www.miniwargaming.comThis video is under the category, 'Stop Motion'. Description of the video:Darkness looms over the barren wasteland that the Imperial Guard have crash landed in. A lone Space Marine finds the camp; waiting to get a response from another Space Marine squad for backup, he decides to wait with the Imperial Guard. But, fear comes in many different shapes. This time, they won't have the safety of others to guard them from monsters who seek, not only their blood, but also, an item which could either replenish or destroy a planet of the Imperium. The end draws nigh.P.S. Hey guys, if we win this contest, all the money will go towards making more stop motion videos. So, if we win, we will have a lot more miniatures to have in our videos! :)

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